Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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At GWP our primary task is to provide quality education to all our learners whilst at the same time, create a stable and nurturing environment in which to achieve all of our goals. Big and small.
We offer a wide range of extra-mural activities to suit and accommodate the different needs of our learners. Our current theme is “CHILDREN FIRST.”
Ons glo in oopgesprek, tweerigting kommunikasie met al ons rolspelers en moedig die moderne ouer aan om aktief betrokke te raak by ons skool en sy aktiwiteite. Ons skool se tema is tans “KINDERS EERSTE.” By GWP fokus ons op waardes en stel ons laasgenoemde sterk op die voorgrond met, en tydens, ons holistiese opvoedingstaak.
Our aim is to not only make the difference, but to be the difference in the education process of each individual. Goodwood Park, our pride. Ons trots!

J Rossouw

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Beaufort Street. Goodwood
Tel: 021 591 6119
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